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Wonderful new reviews out this month by American Micro Reviews and The Expendable Mudge.

American Micro Reviews says: “Accounts of LGBT individuals in Appalachia are not often told as they are in Jonathan Corcoran’s stellar story collection The Rope Swing, and that’s a shame, because the perspective of gay Appalachia in particular is a very specific story of survival in a region more or less defined by survival stories. Compact and intimate with an array of protagonists, gay and straight, young and old, Swing is filled with fearless, tender portraits of life in a region that, like the rest of the country, is making its stumbling way through the 21st century.” Click here for the full review.

The Expendable Mudge writes: “My take on Jonathan Corcoran is that we’ll hear more from him, and it will be good and get better. Start here with this collection, say you knew his writing when.” Full review here.

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